EUROPASS is a unique opportunity to gain residence permit and citizenship in Europe on wonderful terms  for you and your family.

This is the best offer ever!

Thanks to our partner – VolDan Investments Limited company that is an official representative of the government of Hungary, you can make smart five-year placements of money investing in Hungarian government bonds purchasing in the volume of 300 000 Euros while it`s guaranteed that you will get back 250 000 Euros from this sum in 5 years.

According to EUROPASS program you can submit an application being out of Hungary. You can submit your documents for residence permit to the Hungarian consulates that work in 26 countries and you will get your passport for permanent residence in 6 months.

It`s up to you to choose between EUROPASS 120 and EUROPASS 300!

EUROPASS – Europe is waiting for us. Our clients and we, we can enjoy all the advantages of life in EU and visa-free travels to various countries thanks to these truly exclusive products!

High return, safe, comfort and easy use of WellMax, WellMax Lite and EUROPASS will never leave you untouched. 


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